Chiropractor Amber Vanden Avond D.C.

Chiropractor Algoma WI Amber Vanden Avond"I am committed and honored to providing the highest quality of compassionate patient-centered care. I have a strong passion to communicate the benefits of pro-active care and help families take active roles in their healthcare. I believe that being a good listener, communicating clearly, and collaborating with other healthcare providers in our community is essential for the betterment of my patients."

Dr. Amber Vanden Avond earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Amber is a native of Northeast Wisconsin who grew up in Champion, WI. She is a graduate of Luxemburg-Casco High School and of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Dr. Amber uses advanced chiropractic techniques to restore proper nervous system function and proper joint biomechanics. She is dedicated to treating a variety of health conditions in people of all ages with special emphasis on rehabilitation and exercise, maternal and family health, geriatric health, occupational health, and nutrition. Her goal is to get patients out of pain quickly, restore pain-free range of motion, increase muscular strength and coordination, and improve their overall quality of life.Dr. Amber’s interest and focus is on a patient’s well-being and recovery. She makes herself available for her patients and their families so they can feel reassured she is there for all questions and concerns. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Amber enjoys walking, gardening, cooking, and spending family time with her husband, Rory, and children, Zoey and Ozzie.

Education: Doctorate of Chiropractic, Northwestern Health Sciences University University of Wisconsin- Green Bay

Licensure: Wisconsin

Certifications: Webster technique Activator technique Graston technique

Memberships and Associations: Wisconsin Chiropractic Association


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